Barrie Wrestling

Saturday June 29 - Monday July 1

Barrie Wrestling is back! The ring is up again but this time near Meridian Place and the excitement and energy is unparalleled. Who will be the Canada Day Champion? Who will take the Barrie Wrestling Heavyweight title? This is some serious fun for the whole family - make sure to check it out!

Saturday June 29, 2019

5PM to 7PM

Tournament to become the Canada Day champion begins:
1. Rage vs Joey Valentyne
2. Barrie Wrestling Women’s Champion Jody Threat in action!

Sunday June 30, 2019

4PM - 6PM

1. Three Pistols Champion Puf in action!
2. Relentless John Atlas in action!

Monday July 1, 2019

4PM - 6PM

1. Barrie Wrestling Women’s Championship:
Champion Jody Threat vs Alexia Nicole
2. Falls Count Anywhere in Downtown Barrie match:
Puf defends the Three Pistols title vs Holden Albright